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GCSE Physics

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GCSE Physics .

Authored by practising Physics teachers, this CD-ROM is based on the National Curriculum for Physics at GCSE level. Velocity, Acceleration, Elasticity, Moments, Pressure, Graphical Methods, Density, Momentum, Circular Motion, Projectiles, Electric Circuits and Power, Ohm's Law, Variable and Non-linear Resistors, Electricity in the Home, Structure of Atoms, Electric Charge, Magnets, Motors, Transformers, National Grid, Stars, Planets, The Earth, The Moon, The Sun, Energy, Resources, Life Cycle of Stars, Origin of the Universe, Seasons, Nuclear Energy, Reflection, Diffraction, Interference, Longitudinal and Transverse Waves, Radio Waves, Wave Velocity, Theory of Colour, X-Rays, Gamma Rays, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Refraction of Light, Amplitude, Wavelength, Frequency & Velocity  

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