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GCSE Chemistry

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GCSE Chemistry .

Authored by practising Chemistry teachers, this CD-ROM is based on the national curriculum for Chemistry at GCSE level. Laboratory Techniques & Safety, States of Matter, Elements, Components & Mixtures, Atomic Structure, Ionic, Covalent & Metallic Bonding, Properties & Structures of Solids, Alloys, Allotropes, Gas Laws, Useful Products from Oil (Hydrocarbons, Combustion, Cracking & Polymerisation), Useful Products from the Earth's Crust (Metal Ores, Limestone, Chalk & Marble) Useful Products from Air (Ammonia & Fertilisers), Representing Reaction & Types of Reactions, Quantitative Chemistry (The Mole, Molar Volume & Concentration), Changes to the Atmosphere (Water, Carbon & Nitrogen Cycles), Geological Changes (Tectonics & Rock Types), Organic Chemistry (Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols & Carboxylic Acids), Industrial Processes & Hardness of Water, Periodic Table, Reactivity Series, Acids & Alkali, Rates of Reaction, Reactions with Enzymes, Energy Transfers in Reactions, Reversible Reactions, Titrations, Electrolysis 

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